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Llewellyn or Lo-Ellen?

January 21, 2013
True story. When I was a teenager living in my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, I attended a school called
 Lo-Ellen Park Secondary School. It was while I was a high school student that some friends of mine who attended other high schools wanted me to sing in a rock band with them. As they organized the forming of this band, they decided to give their rock band a name that they thought would be representative of something "bad". They wanted to create a band with a name that showed a dark side to the musicians in the band because it was the 1980's when rock n roll had a really big "death" theme to it. It can be said that, in the 1980's, popular music was very "dark". So, as my friends from other high schools put this new, local, rock band together, they decided on a name for the band, they called it PAGAN. It was a few days after this decision of a band name was made that, I got the call from one of the musicians of our soon-to-be rock band, telling me this new name of the band. When I asked her what the word pagan was, she simply told me that it means something bad. I, at the time, was known as the goody-two-shoes girl so, she didn't want to scare me by telling me anything more than that.She just told me that the word pagan is a bad thing, It just means something bad. I trusted her completely at the time and so I didn't press her further about the definition of the name she chose for our still developing rock band. At the time, I also had other things on my mind and, I didn't really care to find out more about the definition of the word pagan nor why it was chosen as the name of this band I was asked to sing for. Before any of us had the chance to gather together for any kind of rehearsal, I was discovering the name of a teacher this Lo-Ellen school I was attending. This teacher's name was Mr. Pagan. As soon as I heard his name I wondered if there was anything "bad" in connection to his name. So, as soon as I got the chance, I went to him to ask him about his name. Was his name a bad name? Did it mean something bad? He, of course, said "no". At this point, I wanted to know more and since he was not only an adult but also a teacher, and also the owner of such a name, my logic told me that he was the best person to ask these questions about the word pagan and what it meant. He just kept repeating to me that it doesn't mean anything bad at all. He even seemed to be shrugging it off like it was no big deal to have such a name at all. This of course, bewildered me, as it obviously conflicted with what my musician friend, (whom I trusted completely) had told me. I didn't get the chance to find out much more about the word pagan after that nor the reason why it was chosen as the band's name since we never really got together for our first rehearsal nor did I meet the other musicians in the band. I, to this day, even in my adult years, do believe that my trusted friend really was trying everything she could to get the musicians together to form this band but it just never happened. Was it because I was a little miss goody-two-shoes and the other musicians didn't like that type of girl around? Maybe that was part of their reasoning but I think the universe had other plans for me.
I eventually did learn the totality of the word pagan, albeit a few years later, but nonetheless, I learned ALL about the word pagan AND the tradition of paganism itself. I learned about what pagans do. I learned about Wicca and Witches and Witchcraft and everything else within the Pagan traditions with no qualms about it too. In fact, I quite liked it. I, as an adult, now enjoy learning all about may different esoteric sciences. Including these things that people call "coincidences". Was it just a coincidence that I attended a school pronounced the SAME way as the Wiccan/Pagan/Self-Help books publishing company based in St.Paul, Minnesota? Was it a coincidence nit one but two people made the word pagan known to me in such a way that it provoked my curiosity? My curiosity was peaked with the conflicting information I had received from not one, but, two very trusted sources. Of course, that was just the beginning....I had a spiritual journey which unfolded, very gradually throughout my life...Like the Fool at the beginning of each Tarot Deck I was led by the universe to learn all about my own life and my reason for being here on this earth. I went down a road of spiritual teachings which offered me a richness that no-one else can ever have. It was MY journey and I am still on that path to this day. Keeping an open mind to all that is offered and by the same token I also EXPECT others to have open minds as well. I have learned to have a respect for all religious and spiritual traditions and I expect to find that respect with all other(s). 
In my journey I learned about Llewellyn Worldwide. This is the publishing company I mentioned earlier in this post. Many, if not most, Wiccans or Pagans know about or at least have heard of Llewellyn Worldwide. I myself have read many books published by the company and I've seen their website many times too www.llewellyn.com

Are We Dreaming the Dream or is the Dream Dreaming Us?

January 12, 2013

 © 2012  
by Shea. All rights reserved.                                                                              Philosophical Thoughts:                                                            Are we Dreaming the Dream or is the Dream Dreaming us?
Are We Dreaming the Dream or is the Dream Dreaming Us?
I pondered this question for a moment and I decided that, if the dream is dreaming us and us is equivalent to humanity then the dream would represent the universe.
Thinking of it this way, it would mean something that is not such a good thing since, there seems to be so much war, slander, child abuse, illness/disease,and many other kinds of dysfunctions, negativity and discord. Is the dream (in this case the universe) having a nightmare whenever humanity acts up in such a nasty way? Like the way that people often ask: Why would God allow such negativity to happen to His children? So, I was thinking that this can't be true. God would never have any nightmares at all and especially not such long term slow motion nightmares either.
So, then I thought some more about it and began to think that maybe it is "us" who are dreaming the dream. As in humanity having it's own dream about life here on earth which seems to fit a lot better since, many sages have sometimes compared humanity to the life or mind of a child in comparison to God/Heaven/the Universe/Source etc. (however we conceive God to be) 
 For example, if humanity is still young and naive and unaware of the depth of the problems in the "real world" and all of the life lessons that come with learning to grow up and learning to live peacefully and properly amongst ourselves within the world.
So, maybe it really is "us" or "humanity" dreaming the dream and all we (humanity) need to do is ask the Angels or God or the Universe (however we conceive God to be) to help us to heal the nightmare that humanity seems to have created or seems to be living. Like when a child wakes up from a bad dream in the middle of the night and runs into the arms of a nurturing parent to be soothed and reassured that it's all okay and "we will all survive this together because we have each other". Maybe THAT is what humanity needs to do. Wake-up from this self created nightmare and reach for a Higher Power however that Higher Power is understood. Stop blaming and controlling and attacking each other and LISTEN to the Higher Power's nurturing words.
Maybe THIS message will help us all dream a BETTER dream, a Healthier Dream, a Dream with Angels, and Love and Light and ALL manner of BLESSINGS regardless of who each person within humanity may be.....that is the BEST Dream of all. The kind of Dream that could bring ALL of humanity up, closer to THEE original Dream that our heavenly creators had for us all in the first place. This would then lead to the Reality of the Dream: that neither are we Dreaming the Dream nor is the Dream Dreaming us. The Dream itself is being healed from the pain of separation. In other words, humanity is NOT separate from the Dream nor is the Dream separate from us. Thus releasing the need to ever ask the question at all. Because the Dream (The Universe) was never meant to nor ever really was separate from the Dreamer (humanity) in the first place. 
It is the "nightmare" that we all experience every day that is the ILLUSION. In this case the Illusion of separation from God/Creator/Angels/Love/Light etc.
© Saturday, August 18th, 2012 at 11:31 pm  by Shea B. Springford

A Note about Humility and Harmony

January 3, 2013

The question on the posting of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis with the long list of beautiful characteristics.You asked about how to reconcile "I will be humble" with "I will create harmony".
I thought of my version of how that reconciling can happen. 

I am of the belief that it is the humbleness of a person which can create the harmony. So, I would just flip these two things around and focus more on the humbleness in order to create harmony. It really needs to be true humbleness in order to create the harmony though. Many people think that they are humble and then question why they cannot find any harmony in their lives.

© January 3, 2013  By Shea. All rights reserved.


Never Know

January 2, 2013
You will never know... how any times I cried myself to sleep at night.
How many fantasies I had....How broken I was....
My heart, soul, spirit, mind, essence of pure love.
You will never know about the scars carved into my heart.
The permanent marks tattooed there for all eternity by the absolute devastation of your loss.
You will never know....how I was saved by your oblivion.
How it healed me to see your mind empty of such monstrous cruelty.
And because you will never know....
I am saddened again for losing you once more.

© January 2, 2013  By Shea. All rights reserved


Phantoms from Heaven

January 2, 2013
White shadow, blue dawn, red moon and the soul of a seventh day.
Please don't leave me.... Not so soon....I wish I could stop you from walking away.
Silver mist, yellow dusk and a black tear that falls from a cloud at midnight.
I say a prayer and wish you were here, I will wait for you in the coming twilight.
Pink dreams, green desires, and a golden icicle set ablaze with unconditional love.
I see your reflection in a streams only trickle, while phantoms sing about legends from above.
Purple visions, brown fallen leaf, orange sunsets upon, clear full mooned skies.
Watch for the days of blessed power through the visions of Gods Holy Eyes.

© January 2, 2013 By Shea. All rights reserved.



January 2, 2013
If you seduce my universe, you can have my bliss.
If you find my soul I will be your wish.
I wish I could see you in my dreams while I'm awake.
I look through your eyes and your soul tells me everything and nothing all at once
Do you see me in your fantasy?
Tell me now while I am still your illusion.
Or is this a reality? 
I don't know you tell me.
Are we dreaming the dream or is the dream dreaming us?
Who are you? Do you even know? 
Maybe if you listen to the rhythm of your spirit you'll find the answers eventually.

© January 2, 2013  By Shea.  All rights reserved.


January 2, 2013
Chase the truth and secrets and the purpose to your life until you find freedom in this restless blizzard of fate.
Surrender to the soft, unconditional tough of majick in this tornado of desperate chances.
And see the beloved lace of kisses that the seasons have to offer,
Because I would sacrifice all and everything for one more moment with you.
I love you that much.

© January 2, 2013  By Shea. All rights reserved. 



January 2, 2013
Make a single wish with your heart and your soul
Set it free to the winds and let it start to make you whole
See to the end of the earth and sky 
And never ever let me see you cry 
Because it's in our dreams when a wish comes true 
And I will always know that I can count on you
For those true dreams are forever real 
As long as we see and know and feel
the bond that links our endless chain
As we walk together in an April rain
Through good times and bad times and sad times too
With the sunshine that makes our dark skies blue
And walk in our dreams on a path that's new 
Dreams of every possibility and all that we could ever do
Heaven on earth to set us free and singing with angels just like you

© January 2nd, 2013 By Shea B Springford. All rights reserved.


Soul Mates

January 2, 2013
Sand, rain, wind and flame
In the end it's all the same 
At one with the spirit and also with the soul
There is no need to gain control 
This is not a life of pain and sorrow 
I will always wait until tomorrow
For the final day that will soon come 
When with you we will be one
So that I am yours and you are mine
And I will love you until the end of time
And I have waited so long up until now 
And I don't know when nor do I know how
But of one thing I am sure it will be 
Once and for all you will come to me
And there is no need to look for each other 
Because we have finally found one another
I am your soul and you are mine too
And I suppose we both already knew that
We would someday be together as one
Just like the stars the moon and the sun
So, hear me now as I call your name 
And feel the sand, rain, wind and flame
Because when it is all said and done
We will be together forever as one

© January 2, 2013  By Shea. All rights reserved. 


Quote of the Month on angelshear.ca

December 3, 2012
 For February 2013: Since St. Valentine's Day is most often the theme of the month for February each year, I thought I would put at least one quote about LOVE for this month.
"Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one."
by Friedrich Halm in Ingomar the Barbarian


For December 2012: "Wit consists in seeing the resemblance of things which differ and the difference between things which are alike" by Madame De Stael, de l'Allemagne.    
  -- In my own words: When I first read this quote I thought: Yes, but is that really wit or more than just wit alone? Could it be a special talent that is much more profound than that? Is this the ability to see things in such balanced way that, it ends up being very close to seeing things through the eyes of God --however one understands God to be--. looking at everything with the idea that "the more things change the more they stay the same".   © 2012 by Shea. All rights reserved.

For December 2012: "Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words and never stops at all."  by Emily Dickinson


 Welcome to the Poetry and Creative Writing Page for Angels Hear ©

I decided to create a poetry page for this website because I am a poet myself and the style of writing I have maintained over the years seems to have one common denominator. That is the theme I use nearly every single time I compose any set of poetic words. Whether it is a traditional poem, a song, words of wisdom or any other kind of philosophical prose. That theme is Spiritual.

When I refer to something as "spiritual" I do not necessarily mean "religious". The topics I write about or have an interest in don't necessarily have to have any specific boundaries for me because to me, "spiritual" is a very broad word. The poems can be about Angels, Faeries, Miracle Healings, New Age Traditions, Violet Fire, White Light, Wiccan Traditions, Saving the Planet, Saving the
Whales, Saving Humanity, Romance, Heart break, Childhood Innocence, Loss, Pain.... ANYTHING that is regarded as spiritual will be accepted on this page.....The list of different kinds of spiritual topics is endless. For the most part though, I do often categorize what I write and do as New Age. 

There have been several occasions where some of my friends, who do very good work in the world of natural, spiritual and alternative
healing and have put out the request to me to write affirmations or poems or incantation-styled prayers for the purpose of making the world a better place. Of course I was very open to such a thing and, I still am so, if there is anyone who is in need of these kinds of writings and would like to make a request to me to write about a specific subject, please feel free to put that request forward to me either through my Contact page via this link contact.php  or through my Angel Readings and More page via this link angel-readings-and-more.php

Love, Light, Truth and Blessings,


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