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What are Angel Readings?

Much like Traditional Tarot cards, Angel Cards are also known as Oracle Cards. The main difference between Traditional Tarot and Oracle Cards is: GUIDANCE. Whenever you feel "stuck" in a certain area of your life, and you feel the need to take action and DO something to move things along in that "stuck" area, Oracle Cards will help you to get answers to your questions about what you should and should not do to get yourself "unstuck".

Traditional Tarot, on the other hand has almost always been used specifically for the purpose of making PREDICTIONS. Traditional Tarot Cards are not usually used for any other reason other then to tell the card reader what is going to happen in the near future.  

So, it is in the services that I offer where I read BOTH the Traditional Tarot and the Oracle Cards together in the same session with each client. This way each client has the chance to have a more in depth reading where the most common questions are answered within the reading such as:"How do I solve this problem I am having?" When I read the Traditional Tarot it will be like preparing my client for what is ahead of them and when I use the Oracle Cards immediately following the Traditional Tarot, the answer of HOW to solve or even prevent certain concerns should appear within the cards and within the reading itself thus eliminating the need for lengthy questions by the client.

Please also know that, these card decks that I use for each reading are divination TOOLS. I do also use my intuition and empathic impressions as I am reading the cards so the fullness of the service is there for each client.

All of this added to the fact that I do House Calls where the client can sit back in the comfort of his/her home and I will do the reading right there at your home for you. Alternatively, if any client has any concerns for privacy or other such personal concerns and needs to meet me outside of the home, I am more than willing to meet clients for in person readings at a local doughnut store or coffee shop. This is where I am like a modern day version of a travelling gypsy. And this is why my subtitle is: "It's Not Just Angels Around Hear". 

What is Intuitive Astrology?

Intuitive Astrology is a form of channelling where I can look into a person's energy at the point of birth where the individual's soul is coming into the earth-plane. It is usually meant for people who do not know their exact time of birth. 
Whenever anyone desires to have an astrological chart analysis and makes the effort to go through the process of contacting a traditional astrologer only to find out that it is "crucial" to know their exact time of birth for the astrological chart to be calculated correctly, do not lose faith! Please know that there is hope to learn more about the specifics of your own chart.
I once had a client tell me that she was born at lunch time. This, information to a Traditional Astrologer can cause great difficulty and maybe even be cause for cancelling the whole chart analysis appointment altogether. 
I specialize in romantic partnerships of all kinds. So, if there is only one half of the partnership who is interested in finding out the fine details of the potential for a flourishing romance, rest assured that there is still hope for finding the in depth information about "the other half" of the relationship regardless of the possible lack of information by the originating partner. 

PLEASE COME PREPARED: Excessive chatter is not conducive to my performance of a good and proper reading for my clients nor is it good for my clients when receiving a proper reading where all of your questions can and should be answered. Please write your questions down before your meeting with me and make sure that you will have everything that you feel you will need to make yourself comfortable at your Angel and Tarot Reading session with me and I will do my best to answer in full, whatever questions you may have AFTER the reading is finished.

Are you looking to get a pre-paid "package deal" of services from this website? If so, you've come to the right page. In this Gift Certificate section there are a few options to choose from. Buying pre-paid single service gift certificates useful for one time only card readings. Or if you are looking to save some money over a long range of time the option to buy 3 readings for $150.00 is also available. This $150.00 package is a savings of $30.00!  

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have an active Pay Pal Account to be eligible for this particular gift certificate.


1 hour Angel Card Reading (Includes Three Questions)

$ 60.00 CAD

1 hour Angel Card Reading (Includes Three Questions)

Do you have burning questions about your life?

Are you searching for spiritual guidance instead of predictions? 

These are the questions that can be answered with an Angel Card Reading. 

If either of these questions interest you then please feel free to go to the Contact Page at the top of this website to book your Angel Reading today.

Intuitive Astrology

$ 60.00 CAD

Do you have questions about your own date of birth? 

Do you feel as though you were born under mysterious circumstances and want to find answers to break the mystery?

Have you tried turning to more than one tradtional astrologer only to find that your chart analysis is different or changes with each astrologer you see?

Are you interested in finding a more concretely determined timed chart analysis?

Intuitive Astrology by Shea can do all of that and more. This is the way to find answers to all of these questions.

Get your intutive astrology chart today.

Disclaimer: This website is intended for the use of spiritual guidance ONLY. It is NOT meant to diagnose nor treat any kind of medical disorder for any client at any time. If you feel that you may be experiencing ANY kind of physical, psychological or sociological difficulty, please consult your Family Doctor for any referrals you may need. 

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